((In which Magnus realizes he doesn’t know how to take care of children and has an existential crisis))

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» OOC Time again

I’ve come back from the dead (again) and this time I’m seriously going to stick with it - though that means that the quality of art might not always be the best so please ignore the sad linearting. Unfortunately I’m still going to be really busy so updates are probably going to be weekly.

With that said, I’m glad that I came back around, and the fact that you guys are happy to see me do this also helps, so thank you! 

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» Sorry Guys (OOC)

Over the summer, I had planned to update the blog a lot more, and obviously that didn’t quite happen.

Part of it is because since mid-June I’ve been staying at my grandparents’ place which has a spotty internet connection and my hands become talentless little asshats when people are watching and then my computer broke, and I can’t get it repaired until I get back to my house which will be later in the summer. For now I have to use laptops of varying family members and that isn’t quite as easy as I’d like it to be.

With that said, I promise that I will end the hiatus the first chance I get which will hopefully be sometime right after the start of school. Feel free to keep sending asks, and hopefully I’ll be back in full force soon.

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does the black mage pick his commanders on appearance

Of course hun, if you are ugly dont talk to me.

I knew you were in it for the ass…

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I’m killing you next.

My guuurl 😘


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I’m killing you next.

… Ew, Pink is definitely NOT your color…

At least I look better in it than you do.

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I’m killing you next.

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You all know its glory.

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*Cue background music*

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